Melanie DeMore workshopOver the years, I have developed a number of vocal and educational music workshops that grew out of my many years as a choral conductor, vocal coach and teacher. I’ve presented these programs at universities, international choral music festivals, lead singing workshops with computer programers, college faculties, corporations and churches. I love to get folks to sing together who normally don’t. There’s nothing like presenting to a convention of psychiatrists and having em’ all singing at the top of their lungs and grinning like big dogs!

I design all of my programs to fit your groups needs and goals. From choirs to corporations—why can’t we all just sing along?

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Learn the basics of Gullah Stick Pounding. We will create a foot stomping, hand-clapping rhythmic community and combine it with singing spirituals and songs of protest and peace. Participants will learn about Gullah/Geechee culture through it’s dynamic music and rhythmic heart. We will, as a community, turn the whole place into a living, breathing drum.


This course deals with the political, emotional and cultural effects of the media—in particular music and sound—on young people. Participants will look at the influence of the media through the arts and how the media shapes their minds, how they interact with their families, their peers and the world. Sound Awareness has been used in prisons, alcohol and drug rehab centers and schools. Participants learn ways in which music and sound can aid them in their recovery, their art and most of all-the reclaiming of themselves. We explore the use of music, sound and the voice as an educational tool, it’s role in our political, emotional and spiritual lives.


This course is for all those who have longed to raised their voices with power, determination and energy. Participants learn songs from various vocal and communal traditions and how to sing from and with their whole selves. Through a series of vocal, verbal and physical warm-up techniques, participants will learn how to fire up their inner and outer voices. This course is ideal for all skill levels and will help revitalize and inspire you to sing from the inside out. Whether yours is a choir that specializes in traditional choral singing or Gospel and everything in between, Full Body Forward! will take you to the next level.


This workshop will help energize your warmup time. I have collected and developed a series of exercises designed to warm up the body and the voice that are innovative and fun. There is a focus on rhythmic precision, vocal elasticity and performance stamina. Singing is as strenuous as long distance running so it is vital to stretch and prepare. Warming up can be functional and fun!


This workshop is designed to help singers become performers. All the notes have been memorized, parts have been learned and every one knows when to begin and end. Now it’s time to turn all that knowledge and study and rehearsal into music—vibrant and alive! I will work with one ensemble/choir per session and each group will have 3-4 pieces prepared. If the participants allow, these sessions will be open to observers. One of the most vital elements to develop as vocalists and performers is that of “singing from the inside out.” As performers, we can create an audio and visual journey for our listeners and ourselves alike. This requires skill and energy and faith in the power of voices together.