Go to to listen to samples and to order Melanie’s new recording In the Mother House.

Melanie DeMore, In the Mother House1. Standing Stone
2. Swing Low (feat. Jamie Sieber)
3. Let There Be Sun (feat. Erika Luckett)
4. Balm in Gilead (feat. Mary Watkins)
5. All One Heart
6. A Place for You
7. On the Wings of Grace
8. Let the Mother (feat. Jami Sieber)
9. Sending You Light
10. For You I Sing
11. Virginia’s Nurse’s Lullaby


Go to to listen to samples, or to download or order Melanie’s 1993 recording Share My Song, soul driven folk drawing it’s roots from African-American folk music which includes acappella, guitar and vocals and narrative song.

1. Share My Song
2. I Hear the Mother Callin’
3. Boys In the Square
4. Rise Up
5. Lady of Peace
6. A O Kuumba
7. Love and Affection
8. Caught Between Two Hearts
9. I Wanna Be the Music
10. Song For Mema


Also available to sample, download or order from CDbaby, Ache O Kwa, a song performed in the African tradition of call and response, with drums and choir, in celebration of Kwannza.

1. Ache O Kwa